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How Airlines marketed to become the Best in the World
(05 February 2020) | Article by Aroshi Samarasekara

Customer satisfaction is always the top priority when it comes to the Airline and aviation industry. Unhappy or alienated customers indicate lower passenger count and less revenue, which directly impacts the economy of the country. Being a cabin crew member at Sri Lankan Airlines, I believe crew drives passenger satisfaction to its maximum, and there is a strong direct connection between passenger satisfaction and the airline market performance.

For example, Singapore Airways won the World’s Best Cabin crew award in 2019. Almost any airline will continue to be providing friendly helpful service on board, Singapore Airlines, however, spends an extra mile preparing recruits for four months, which is twice as long as the industry averages eight weeks. What they are attempting to do is to understand what passengers need before they ask. The cabin crew, even in the economy class, frequently walk down the aisle offering beverages and warm towels. The whole idea behind it is to take care of passengers and take care of their needs before they need to call them or make a request.