How to write an Assignment

  1. Why do undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications include assignments?

The first step you as a student need to ask your-self is : why should I have to do assignments to achieve my qualification?. Assignments are one of the best learning tools which can bridge the gap between theoretical and practical learning.

I always believe learning theory is essential, but the application of theory into practicality is a skill which we all need to develop. I call it a skill because it is something that we can learn and master.

Assignments are included in academic qualifications in order for students to broaden the horizons of their cognitive skills. Moreover, students can apply meaningful concepts, and this is a which is a great way to develop a perspective towards a given assignment.

    2. What are the different types of assignments that students are required to do?

Different educational institutions and disciplines have different requirements; also different lecturers and tutors may have different expectations from written assignments. It is important that students ask questions and understand the requirements clearly before starting to write an assignment.

Fundamentally, before you start writing an assignment, you need to read your course material or assignment guidelines consciously.

The different types of assignments are as  follows:

  • Essay

An essay is a piece of formal writing which discusses a specific subject, topic, issue, or problem. An essay mostly involves a constructive argument about a particular issue. In an essay, you need to present what is happening in your field of work and  be able to support any points with convincing evidence.

“Think practically, if you are a marketing manager of a private company, you need to convince the board of directors why they should increase your XXXX advertising budget for the next financial year. You as an employee, would need to highlight your key findings from the product or market.”

So, in an essay, you should be able to present both sides of an issue. Furthermore, when writing an essay, you need to follow the key steps below to make it more constructive and clear.

In an essay, it is very important to convince your marker with justifications to strengthen your key findings.

  • Reports

Reports involve presenting your investigation and information on a specific issue or, problem, recommending  actions and making proposals.

If you are writing a business report, as an employer, you have to provide information to the board which has clear structure and easy to understand to enable them to make their decisions. 

An academic report focuses on presenting and discussing the results of an experiment, survey or a research method. In general, the following sections need to be covered in an academic report:

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