How to create a professional CV in New Zealand

How to create a professional CV in New Zealand

| Article by Hemal Amarasekara


Alan Mcintyre is a professional CV writer who possesses more than 25 years of experience. He is the founder of “A-Plus Careerlife” company in New Zealand. Alan Mcintyre has produced, more than 1000 professional CVs for different work backgrounds which have worked well for Clients.


01 Do New Zealand employers prefer a specific style of CV from Job Seekers

There are many different CV formats that job seekers can follow, but the most important point is according to Alan McIntyre “with my experience job seeker needs to design a CV to target every job that candidate  applying for.”

Today key criteria New Zealand employers are interested in whether the job seeker holds a specific Skillset that matches with their employment requirement.

So the key element in your CV you should highlight three to four specific skills along with your experience to match the job requirement.

02 Is there a specific structure prospective candidate should follow,  when writing a professional CV in New Zealand

There are different kinds of structures that candidates could follow, so I cannot specifically mention one structure is the best for all. But I can assure you to get the best results from a CV you have to follow specific criteria. Which is

  • The key objective for applying for the Job
  • Key personal attributes
  • Employee Skillset (Which should match with the job requirement)
  • Your qualification and experience

When writing a CV, you need to divide into three sections which are Introduction, Content and conclusion, and the prospective candidate should provide honest, direct and verifiable information in their CV

Sample of a CV structure according to New Zealand Standard.


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