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Social Media Marketing

Social media might have some scary connotations for you, but I believe that the development of social media has changed many aspects of everyday life. Think of it like this, in today’s world, an employer can now request you to include your LinkedIn or Public URL in an online application form as part of the selection process.  Ten or 15 years ago, employers could never have asked us to include a Public ULR in the application form.

What is Coin South?

Coin South is an Innovation and investment network which was established in  2019. The company was established in accordance with the Southland Regional Development Strategy.

Who are you? Are you a brand? Do you want to build your brand?

A brand name is nothing more than a word in the mind; A brand name is a noun, a proper noun, which like all proper nouns is usually spelt with a capital letter. You are a brand, and if you want to be truly successful in your personal, professional career life, you must consider your self as a brand and act accordingly.

Business Words Every Student Should Know

As a student, when you hear a business word, you should be able to know more about the concept than merely its definition and usage. I believe we all need to continue learning on understanding business terms that will benefit us today and tomorrow.



As a student, you need to ask yourself why you need to include referencing in your research project or assignment and is it mandatory to use referencing in your studies. In academic writing, a student has a set time frame in which to complete his/her studies, and you will need to validate your own opinions with evidence while writing a research project or an assignment. Referencing is the way in which you provide evidence and proof to support your statements in your own work.

How to write an Assignment

The first step you as a student need to ask your-self is : why should I have to do assignments to achieve my qualification?. Assignments are one of the best learning tools which can bridge the gap between theoretical and practical learning.

How to create a professional CV in New Zealand

There are many different CV formats that job seekers can follow, but the most important point is according to Alan McIntyre “with my experience job seeker needs to design a CV to target every job that candidate  applying for.”

Today key criteria New Zealand employers are interested in whether the job seeker holds a specific Skillset that matches with their employment requirement.