What is Coin South?

What is Coin South?

| Article by Hemal Amarasekara

Coin South is an Innovation and investment network which was established in  2019. The company was established in accordance with the Southland Regional Development Strategy.

According to Louise Evans, the Regional Development Strategy wants to have 10,000 more people living in Southland, and part of the strategy will be to diversify the economy by creating more job opportunities through innovation.

Coin South is an incorporated society which has five strategic partners, and 13 corporate members. The strategic partners are: Community Trust South, Environment Southland, Southern Institute of Technology, Southland Chamber of Commerce, and Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu. All the partners have invested in Coin South and provide a range of supports to govern it.  Coin South’s key objective is “For the community  by the community.”   So Coin South is a beginning pathway for small business investment.

What are the main activities of by Coin South?

Coin South’s role is to foster the network of startups in Southland;  they want to talk with anyone who has ideas and will help them to figure out what the next steps are and how to progress through to investments. There are a lot of people who have ideas, and some have businesses which are diversified, so Coin South can figure out what stage of the business people are at and connect them with the right skills, funding and people that can help. When you first come to Coin South, either via social media, or word of mouth from someone already in the community, they usually start with the activator sessions, which is a kind of a roundtable discussion about the business.  This is an excellent chance for people to share their own story. The most important thing is that Coin South works very closely with Great South and other agencies which help small businesses to grow.

Another important part is, you will encounter a lot of expertise all together in the room which is a great opportunity, with lots of different connections and networks, and will help you to get to the next step in your business.

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