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Moving Your Life a Step

Like Robin Hood in Sherwood

  When I was schooling one of my favourite TV series was Robin of Sherwood when I was studying in the UK, I went to see the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, the famous tree, Marian, Robin, Little John, March, Nazier, Will scarlet got together. So I thought of learning archery as a fun game at…
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Do you like diving, please join

  I knew how to swim, but I have never done diving in my life, So I met two Maori friends who stayed in my apartment. They asked, “do you like Diving”. Then I replied, “why not to give a try?”.so we went to Monkey Island for diving and It was a wonderful experience, and…
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Tennis is a game that I enjoy

I met Jo Grimwood, a kiwi lady one day at ILT stadium, and we shared our information. Then I told her that I am an international student at SIT, and I love to play Tennis, she asked me to join Waihopai Tennis Club. We play Doubles and singles and our team is Yohan, Gavin, Christene.…
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Taieri Geroge Railway

We went from Taieri Geroge Railway to Middlemarch, and we enjoyed the scenery and number of bridges we able to see. Including the Wingatui viaduct the second-largest wrought iron structure in the world.

Peter and Sarah became good friends

I booked accommodation from Airbnb for my parents. Peter was our host. Peter and his wife  Sarah were amazing with their hospitality, and we spent a couple of nights in Peter’s place. If you are planning to stay in Christ Church, I fully recommend peter and Sarah’s accommodation. Thank you, Peter and Sarah.

Making Wood Pizza at Home It was really great to make your own Pizza with friends. We found salsa, pumpkin, mushroom, spinach and chicken from home, then we add everything the way we feel. 😀

Place: Skyline Queenstown

You will zip up to 1475 feet up to the top of Bob’s peak. You can enjoy the view of Queenstown, the Remarkables, Coronet Peak and Lake Wakatipu.and if you like you can enjoy a luge adventure too.  😀 Trave Duration: From Invercargill 2Hrs and 30 Minutes 180 Kilometers

Place: Tunnel Beach Walkway

You will find spectacular, Rocky coastline and when you walk along the track then you will enter the hand-carved rock tunnel that is why the name called  “Tunnel beach” and built in the 1870s. Travel Duration: From Invercargill  2Hrs and 45 minutes 202 Kilometres