Who are you? Are you a brand? Do you want to build your brand?



Who are you? Are you a brand? Do you want to build your brand?

| Article by Hemal Amarasekara


What is a Brand?

A brand name is nothing more than a word in the mind; A brand name is a noun, a proper noun, which like all proper nouns is usually spelt with a capital letter. You are a brand, and if you want to be truly successful in your personal, professional career life, you must consider your self as a brand and act accordingly.


How many Trademarks in the world?

Do you know there are 1,200,000 trademarks registered in the UK government? Just imagine how many additional millions of names and logotypes registered with other countries around the world. The power of a brand lies in its ability to influence purchasing behaviour.

Think, in New Zealand water is absolutely free, you may go to a restaurant,café for dining and you can have your water for free. Every person in New Zealand has access to good clean water out of the tap.


Generally, there is no need to buy water from Countdown or Pak n Save. But think Perrier water bottle priced at $ 10 and Pump water priced at $ 2. Perrier water in New Zealand selling 50% more than Pump. That is the power of branding.


You tell me, 




Can you make happy everyone, you may be the most admirable person in the world but can you make satisfied everybody? In my opinion, NO. I believe if you want to make everyone happy the best thing you can do is sell Ice-cream.