Author: Hemal Amarasekera

Moving Your Life a Step

End of a wonderful semester

Awesome guys, Wish you all very best

Awesome Class Session

Another end of an awesome clas session.Hope to see you all in the near future  

It is a Special Day

I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Business enterprise qualification at SIT; I thank Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me in every way, my loving parents and my aunty Violet. I did my best for my studies, and I love the academic field, and I always wanted to share my Knowledge. From the day I…
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Like Robin Hood in Sherwood

  When I was schooling one of my favourite TV series was Robin of Sherwood when I was studying in the UK, I went to see the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, the famous tree, Marian, Robin, Little John, March, Nazier, Will scarlet got together. So I thought of learning archery as a fun game at…
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Do you like diving, please join

  I knew how to swim, but I have never done diving in my life, So I met two Maori friends who stayed in my apartment. They asked, “do you like Diving”. Then I replied, “why not to give a try?”.so we went to Monkey Island for diving and It was a wonderful experience, and…
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It was a day I never forget and I’m extremely sad.

ISIS terrorist attacked my country on 23rd April easter Sunday, being a Sri Lankan I felt it so sad, and St Anthoney church is one of the churches I  go for my prayers. We were a country suffered from 30 years from a civil war, and I prayed for Lord Jesus Christ we should never…
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Tennis is a game that I enjoy

I met Jo Grimwood, a kiwi lady one day at ILT stadium, and we shared our information. Then I told her that I am an international student at SIT, and I love to play Tennis, she asked me to join Waihopai Tennis Club. We play Doubles and singles and our team is Yohan, Gavin, Christene.…
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Taieri Geroge Railway

We went from Taieri Geroge Railway to Middlemarch, and we enjoyed the scenery and number of bridges we able to see. Including the Wingatui viaduct the second-largest wrought iron structure in the world.

New Zealand Red Cross had Colombian Anniversary

  It was great to be a volunteer in New Zeland Red Cross, and I was engaging the Refugee resettlement programme for over one year with New Zeland Red Cross team while I m studying at SIT. I learned a lot and shared many cultural experiences. Darren and Lindsay are wonderful people who gave great…
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Peter and Sarah became good friends

I booked accommodation from Airbnb for my parents. Peter was our host. Peter and his wife  Sarah were amazing with their hospitality, and we spent a couple of nights in Peter’s place. If you are planning to stay in Christ Church, I fully recommend peter and Sarah’s accommodation. Thank you, Peter and Sarah.